Dave Hogan
Pink performed at the Key Arena on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
Tickets to Pink's concert sold so fast that the concert was moved from


Last Night: Pink Slams Kanye, Covers Led Zeppelin, and Forgets Her Lyrics @ Key Arena
Dave Hogan
Pink performed at the Key Arena on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
Tickets to Pink's concert sold so fast that the concert was moved from Wamu Theater to Key Arena to accommodate a larger audience. Its popularity can likely be attributed to the fact that the Funhouse Tour is the first national tour the singer has embarked on in three years. And if the duration of her tour is anything like last night's kickoff performance, Britney better cancel her similarly themed Circus Tour because Pink puts it to shame.

The feisty singer steered clear of the acrobatics she engaged in during her performance at the VMAs on Sunday, due to a separated shoulder. But she kept fans entertained with her cocksure attitude, a slew of hit songs, and an entourage of trapeze artists, dancers, and clowns.

Pink launched into her two-hour set with a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," followed by older songs like "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "Just Like a Pill." She slowed things down shortly after by changing into a black lace get-up and writhing to a cover of the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself." The rearrangement alienated older fans as it didn't do justice to the original and simply confused younger individuals, one of whom turned to her girlfriend to ask, "Do you know what this song is? I don't think it's on the CD."

More recent hits like "U & Ur Hand" and "So What" had the crowd pumping their fists and dancing along--a sight to see, given what a clusterfuck a venue like Key Arena turns into when a crowd of thousands is relegated to general admission instead of assigned seating. (To be fair, there's no other way the last-minute switch in venues would've gone smoothly. Fans who's already bought their tickets would've been screwed over left and right.)

Pink's faster tempo tracks make for good top 40 hits, but it was the slower songs that she excelled at live. She showed off her pipes on "Glitter in the Air" and on the touching Bush-aimed tirade "Dear Mr. President." The only mishap occurred two lines into "Family Portrait," at which point Pink come up blank on the lyrics and had to start over. "See what happens when you don't fucking lip synch?" she joked.

But the singer managed to remember the words to songs that weren't hers. She performed covers of Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You," Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"--the first of the three being her strongest suit.

A fan threw a stuffed animal onstage during its rendition which Pink picked up and referencing Kanye West's outburst during the VMAs, asked, "How come nobody did that during Taylor Swift's speech?" The singer--who has loudly opined her dislike for West on her Twitter page and on several television shows--then proceeded to describe the purse with brass knuckles that she'd been carrying that night and the damage she would've done to the rapper with it had he pulled a similar move. (I'd bet my meager annual income as a journalist that Pink could beat down Kanye's ass.)

It's hard to believe that the Funhouse Tour is headlined by the same artist that released the Babyface-produced R&B album Can't Take Me Home back in 2000. The debut was a commercial success that felt contrived and well, embarrassing. Pink paled in comparison to her peers like Britney and Christina who emerged around the same time because her music, while catchy, didn't quite fit her. I thought she'd fade into the woodwork within a year's time.

But Pink soon distanced herself from her manufactured image and began calling on rockers like Linda Perry and Steve Tyler to collaborate with. And she's since really come into her own as a pop star with a penchant for rock-influenced songs and a good sense of humor. Whether she's calling Kanye the "biggest piece of shit on earth" or egging on the crowd to chant along "It's just you and your hand tonight," she's incredibly engaging. And her concert exuded that sassiness she's become so well-known for.

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