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Over the weekend, you might have thought that the best Indian comedian to see was Arj Barker . Barker is often a featured guest on


Last Night: Hari Kondabolu at Laughs

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Over the weekend, you might have thought that the best Indian comedian to see was Arj Barker. Barker is often a featured guest on Flight of the Conchords, does lot's of televised standup, and performed at the Showbox (Market) on Saturday night. I missed his set, but another Indian comedian, Hari Kondabolu, had an absolute killer weekend here in Seattle. Bill Gates was in the audience on Saturday night at the Comedy Underground just to see Kondabolu. That must have been a good feeling, because the previous night at the Comedy Underground, Kondabolu (who used to live in Seattle, but now resides in his native New York) had to deal with an extreme Michael Richards situation that turned nasty during his performance.

According to those on hand, while Kondabolu was doing his routine, a heavily intoxicated man started heckling him and shouting obscenities in his direction. It's something every comedian has to deal with, and Kondabolu pretty much destroyed the guy and told him to get the fuck out. Security came and escorted the drunk individual out of the building, but on his way out, the drunk man made eyes with Ethiopian/American comedian Soloman Giorgio. At that point, he called Giorgio a nigger. I could use the n-word or something like, n*gger, but let's put it out there. Comedy clubs are now a breeding ground for racism (they probably always have been) and that's what the guy called Giorgio. Disgusting.

The next night, Bill Gates showed up to watch both Giorgio and Kondabolu perform. I'd say the victory was all theirs! Kondabolu told the same joke on Saturday night that he tells in the clip below, and apparently, Gates' head rolled back and he laughed hysterically. Although apparently, Gates also laughed at a few cum jokes as well.

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On Sunday night, Kondabolu performed at Laughs in Kirkland and got to try out some Indian jokes for a predominantly Indian crowd. I was on hand and he was hilarious. While most of his material deals directly with race and politics in blunt fashion, he manages not to beat you over the head with it, but rather gives you something to think about on your drive home. Last night, it was a little different as he talked about issues within his own community that needed to be addressed. Topics like homophobia, stereotypes of fairer skinned Indians vs. darker skinned Indians, and petty sect traditions that keep people divided. He had the audience dying laughing at certain parts, and slightly uncomfortable and nervous at other. That's the sign of a good performance and a hell of a way to wrap up a strong three day comedic showcase.

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