I've Been Listening to NIN, Slipknot, and The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs. In addition to his regular column every Thursday, Duff McKagan will write about what's circulating through his iPod every week.
1) Slipknot, "Prelude 3.0," Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses): A dark and beautiful epic song that showcased the power that Slipknot was then getting accustomed to and actually toying with.

2) The Raconteurs, "Level," Broken Boy Soldiers: I saw the Dead Weather a couple of weeks ago, and that led me to revisit this most excellent other, OTHER band of Jack White's. This dude is just a plain FIGURE these days, and "Level" is a mesmerizing piece of cool.

3) Nine Inch Nails, "1,000,000," The Slip: I got to see these guys twice on this last tour, and this song is, out of all the great songs they played, the one that inevitably got stuck in my head for a week at a time. Songwriting and sound-crafting genius.

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