I've Been Listening to Faces, Generation X, and The Adolescents

Ron Wood, left, and Rod Stewart, with Faces. Duff McKagan's column appears every Thursday on Reverb. Every Monday he writes about what's circulating through his iPod.
The Adolescents, "L.A. Girl," The Adolescents: This was the first song I heard that opened my eyes to what O.C. punk was and what it was to become. Little things (like the use of the ride cymbal) were almost ground-breaking for punk music at the time. This song and this record have stood the test of time.

Faces, "Stay With Me," Best of the Faces: This band at its height was arguably the best rock band ever. Last year, I got totally re-inspired as a bass player and started studying classic bassists like John Paul Jones, Duck Dunn, James Jamerson, and, wait for it . . . Ron Wood. He played bass on a lot of these tracks, and it's really tasty stuff. If you've yet to get into the Faces, do so with this excellent best-of collection.

Generation X, "Day By Day," Generation X: One of the most frantic and well-written pop songs of the '70s. The prowess of the actual band (yes, the BAND, not just Billy Idol) is something that is used as a reference by many good producers when making a record, and they want more energy out of their band. "Day By Day" has the best guitar, bass, and drum tones since the Who, which is saying a lot, especially back then.

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