If Pavement Actually Plays a Reunion Show, These Are the Songs I Want to Hear

Pavement, obviously
Yes, I know. It might actually fucking happen this time. Let's all try to keep our composure and not wet ourselves. Oh, wait. Too late. Even though this possible Pavement reunion show is not going to happen for a year and six days, and it is happening in New York City, which is almost as far away from Seattle as you can get, at least they're telling us now so we can start saving money for plane tickets. Because I never got to see Pavement live. They broke up when I was 13. The closest I've ever come to seeing Pavement was when, at the Silver Jews show at Musicfest Northwest in 2007, Steven Malkmus (a former Silver Jew, as you likely know) got onstage and played an acoustic set that included a couple Pavement songs, including "Trigger Cut." It is still on my own personal list of top five shows I've ever seen.

To celebrate this news, I have compiled my own personal perfect Pavement playlist (though if they played all of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, I'd be pretty happy, too). It's after the jump.

Range Life

Summer Babe

Major Leagues


Cut Your Hair

Spit on a Stranger

Date with Ikea

Silence Kit

You Are A Light

Folk Jam

In the Mouth a Desert

Shady Lane

Trigger Cut

Gold Soundz

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