GZA Show September 23rd Gets Canceled, Local Impact Far More Disappointing

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It's been confirmed by the folks at Obese Promotions that GZA of the Wu Tang Clan will not be coming to Seattle to perform on September 23rd. The show has been canceled. Wu Tang fans can start boo-hooing now. Although, when you consider that the RZA was just here last month. Method Man is here this Thursday with Redman alongside of him at the Showbox (Market), and Ghostface Killah is coming to the same venue on October 24th, Wu heads shouldn't have a lot to cry over. The fact that the Clan was touring separately rather than together was starting to feel more annoying than anything. Even though I'm sure it's because they make more money at shows as solo acts than as an eight person group, unless it's Raekwon, Ghostface, or Method Man, I don't need to see a solo show from any of these dudes.

Personally, I'm not half as mad about GZA not performing as I am about the openers. Olympia based MC/singer Xperience was scheduled to open up and he's simply incredible behind a microphone. He grew up in the church and it shows when he sings, but he also raps better than most MCs I've encountered all year. Also on the bill was a crew of teenage rappers named Kung Foo Grip that seem like a younger version of Champagne Champagne but less esoteric and more lyrical. The fact that they were going to open up for GZA at Neumos and now can't seems criminal. Ra Scion's DJ, Dev From Above, was supposed to spin throughout the night. That under card was far more entertaining than the headliner. Ticket refunds are available at the point of purchase.

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