Live Review: Girl Talk's Illegal Art Thrills Seattle Fans
Girl Talk played at Showbox SoDo on Friday, Sept. 18.
Watching a guy with straggly hair hunch over his laptop and press an occasional key or two isn't especially interesting. You can visit any coffee shop in the city for that. But people don't shell out the equivalent of a week's worth of lattes to see Girl Talk perform. They do it because they know he's going to throw one hell of a dance party.

More than 300 artists made their way into Girl Talk's 90-minute set at Showbox SoDo on Friday night. The pop culture junkie is a master at mash-up remixes, as evidenced on his new and fourth album Feed the Animals. Each track contains over a dozen samples in unlikely but seamless sequences that have Trina rapping to Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" and Avril Lavigne backed by the bassline from Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin." And what should come off as excessive instead sounds brilliant and surprisingly new to the ears.

Fans flailed their limbs about wildly on the sweaty dance floor. Dozens more climbed onstage to dance and stayed put until the end of the show. A guy in shiny blue spandex wandered around asking strangers if they had ecstasy. Countless drinks were spilled. (Twice on me, unfortunately.)

Good news for anybody who missed out or didn't get enough partying in on Friday. Following two gigs over the weekend in Canada, Girl Talk is back in Seattle again. You can buy tickets to see him - this time at Showbox at the Market - at 8 p.m. Just be warned, he's a lot to handle on a Monday night.

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