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Ahhh, it's Tuesday again. It's time to re-up on all of the new releases that just hit the web and record stores today. If you're


Fresh Wax--All You Need to Know About Vinyl Releases This Week

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Ahhh, it's Tuesday again. It's time to re-up on all of the new releases that just hit the web and record stores today. If you're only into CDs, MP3s and iTunes, then that's easy, but if you're a lover of vinyl, a bit more work and knowledge is needed to find all of the new wax that just came out. As always, we've got you covered.

Labor Day is fast approaching, and if you appreciate good vinyl, what better way to spend your day off then listening to a pristine LP on your record player with a beer in hand? After the jump, vinyl columnist Jason Ferguson has the low down on all of the new releases and reissues that are available this week on wax.

The slate of vinyl releases this week is a little lighter than usual, but I've got this stack of records piled up next to my turntable, so maybe I can let you know about some of them too? Great. Although we don't talk about 7-inches too much here at Fresh Wax, I've picked up a few over the last couple of weeks worth noting.

Although it came out back in May, the new 7-inch from Budapest-based synth-rockers the Moog is all about vampires and, considering I'm catching up (way late) with True Blood, I'm all about vampires too, so, you know, perfect. "You Raised A Vampire" is a catchy enough number, but you can find that on the group's album. The best reason to grab this 7-inch is for the B-side, which is a cover of Bauhaus' "The Passion of Lovers" featuring David J on background vocals and, er, harmonica. Like I said, vampires all the way!

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Hardcore monsters Paint It Black just released their second 7-inch of the year. It looks like the guys are beating Radiohead to the why-mess-with-albums punch, and these two singles are probably gonna be the follow-up to last year's New Lexicon album. There are four songs on Surrender (out now on Fat Wreck Chords), which are both faster and a bit poppier than the five cuts from June's Amnesia 7-inch, making for a nicely diverse nine-song album-that's-not-an-album.

As far as this week's full-length vinyl releases, here you go:

New Releases:

Black Crowes: Before the Frost (with download code for bonus LP)

Drive-By Truckers: The Fine Print (New West, 180g 2LP)

Street Sweeper Social Club: Street Sweeper Social Club

Motorpsycho: Child of the Future


Miles Davis: Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud soundtrack (180g 2LP)

John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat: Hooker 'n' Heat (Pure Pleasure, 180g 2LP)

Queen: Queen, News of the World, Kind of Magic, Flash Gordon, Innuendo (Universal/Hollywood, 180g)

Joshua Redman: Moodswing (Warner Bros, 180g DMM 2LP + CD)

Archie Shepp: Attica Blues (Hi Horse 180g)

The Stone Roses: The Stone Roses (4LP deluxe edition)

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