Free MP3: D. Black -- "Double Black Stax With No Cheese"

It's been well hyped that D. Black is having a record release party tonight. And if you read this article, you'll know that D. Black says he may be leaving hip-hop behind and focusing on ministry instead. If that's the case, tonight's show at the Crocodile may be one of his last. That's reason enough to come out and support him. His new album, Ali'yah, is an impressive piece of work and one of the most spiritually uplifting recordings I've heard in years. It's not a gospel rap album by any means but rather, a challenge to all of us to push harder and grow from within in.

I just came across an internet single of his that isn't on Ali'yah produced by Jake One. It's called "Double Black Stax With No Cheese" and I don't know if its a shout out to the Central District hip-hop group Black Stax, a diss, or just a coincidence. It's definitely a peculiar song-title. That's like calling a new song a "Whopper Jr. Hold The Mad Rad." Anyway, you can check out the track at this site. If you like it, go check out D. Black tonight. Tickets are $10 and doors are at 8 p.m.

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