Final Spins' New EP, City Of..., Is Definitely Worth Picking Up

City Of...
Final Spins haven't been playing shows for very long -- it's been maybe a year since they played their first show -- but they've really jumped into things headfirst. They've already self-released their first, echo-y pop record (This Is Then, That Was Now), a solid release with one particularly great song on it called "Let Me Fall," and now they've got a new four-song EP, too, called City Of..., that's quite good as well and demonstrates marked improvement in the songwriting department. Not that it was bad to begin with, but while I didn't love every single track on their first record, all four of the songs on City Of... are great. You can hear the whole thing on MySpace, and if you like it, you can go to their show at the High Dive on September 19 and buy a copy. Or you can see the band at REVERB this year, which is on October 3.

I'm pretty sure my favorite track is "Who?Whoa!," which is named for its refrain. It's an upbeat melody, but I also like "2002," a downtempo song that's decidedly gloomier, but eventually opens up into a really expressive, melancholy guitar solo. The track list is:

1. City Of...

2. Who?Whoa!

3. Bloom

4. 2002

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