Bumbershoot Review: Who Knew?! Jason Mraz Has Diehard Fans.

Who: Jason Mraz

Where: Samsung Mobile Mainstage

When: Sunday, Sept. 6, 9:15 p.m.

"Turn and give a high five to the person you came here with tonight. Now turn and give a high-five to someone you don't know," Mraz announced at the start of the night. What followed was a flurry of strangers approaching one another with hands raised and expectant expressions. "Can I have a high-five for Jason Mraz?" someone asked me earnestly. I reluctantly obliged. Contrary to popular belief, (read: SW consensus) the unremarkable singer-songwriter has a strong following. His mellow folk-pop music, backed by a full band last night, inspired incessant shrieking from female fans and slow dancing from couples. But with the exception of his ridiculously catchy 2002 hit "The Remedy," his music came off formulaic and forgettable--much like the man himself.

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