Bumbershoot Review: Franz Ferdinand Turn Their Scottish Swag On

Renee McMahon
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Who: Franz Ferdinand

Where: Samsung Mobile Mainstage

When: Monday, Sept. 7, 7:45 p.m.

Franz Ferdinand proved to be an excellent choice to feature as the second to last performance on the mainstage. The Glasgow natives charged through rock anthems about getting high, hooking up at bars, and feeling regretful the morning after with such ease that it's clear they've engaged in their fair share of debauched behavior. Frontman Alex Kapranos sauntered and sneered through brazen numbers like "Take Me Out" and "No You Girls," stopping only to heckle the crowd for not being wild enough. But when all four members dropped their respective instruments to pummel the drums together--a signature part of their live shows--fans finally let loose and began to move.

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