THEE Satisfaction's Snow Motion Mixtape Officially Released

Snow Motion.jpg
God, waiting on artists you love to release material you know will be awesome can feel like an eternity sometimes. Since the first time I met Cat and Stasia, the two alien MCs from THEE Satisfaction, I've been hearing them saying "we're working on it" every time I asked about an EP, album, or mixtape. Frankly, their growth as artists is far more important than them releasing new material, so no matter how much I chided them about it, on the inside I was well aware that as long as they kept getting better, the city would love them regardless of if they had an album out or not. And sure enough, their buzz and cachet has skyrocketed over the past 4-5 months to the point that MTV is currently shooting a television series right now and including them in it.

Today they've released their long-awaited Snow Motion mixtape. I've been listening to it over the past two days and it's a very eclectic project. If you've watched them perform lately, their songs are on a completely different level lyrically than they were a few months ago. And the beats are far more adventurous and based on feel rather than just keeping it safe. You can head to their MySpace page to listen to parts of Snow Motion or you can get it from them at Blue Moon on August 14th where they're performing with the Redwood Plan or at Hidmo on August 22nd for their going away party. Yes, if you didn't know, THEE Satisfaction is moving to the Bay in September. So soak them up in person while you still can. MTV is also filming a segment on them next week.

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