The Valkryies Tour Diaries: Los Angeles

red white n brew burn.jpg
A very sunburned Stevie Barile of the Valkyries
For those of you who have missed their updates, the Valkyries are still on tour, traveling along the West Coast and playing shows with the Neon Nights. They recently sent along a couple of hilarious missives a few days ago and I haven't been able to get them online now. Apologies for that. But trust that the ladies are kicking ass and having a blast in the name of rock n roll.

What you read below and after the jump are their latest exploits from the road.

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Weather: Bikini weather

Tequila: 2 bottles?

How many hours of sleep Giro's had this entire trip: 2 "you can sleep when you're dead!"-Giro

We are officially changing our band name to "The Lobsteryies." Lets just say that three pasty white and one light ass Asian should not lay out the beach all day with a cocktail of minimal sunscreen protection and tanning oil. We are all SO SO SO SO sunburned. The pain. Oh the pain. Joanna, Casey, and Stevie burned pretty much every where on their body, Ginnie only burned her butt, which is the worst place for her combined with swamp ass from playing. Why,why,why did we do this to ourselves?

Getting bashed by waves and ocean football made the day, though we had no idea how badly burned we were getting all the while. The show at Gallagher's the night before was off the hook. We pretty much destroyed that town, Red, White, and Brew style. The crowd there was interesting, a broad mix of people who seemed like they would mind the rowdiness but didn't.

Some of our good friends and former band members of ADHD (from LA) came out to support and add to the rowdiness. Some good friends of Giro (tour manager) bought us a motel room right across the street from the beach. We had tried to camp on the beach but we're kicked off promptly (but only after taking a few pulls on the tequila bottle). Late night acoustic sessions and partying in the motel room followed until, one by one, people passed out and started sawing logs. And man, some of those boys can really saw them down. Ahh Rock n' Roll. I must quote our Giro's friend Camo's chest tattoo..."LIVING"!

red white n brew eats.jpg

Location: Pomona, CA

Weather: Perfect

Sunburn: Cookin'

We pulled up to Friar Tuck's around twilight and we all couldn't believe our eyes. It was a mother f'n castle! It looked like a castle that would be at a mini golf course! Haha, we already could tell this would be a kick ass show. Before the show Dickey's brother let us use his motel room to shower and get decent. We had to dunk Joanna into cold water to cool down her cooked skin, she's pretty tough, so when she's stumbling around like she's had 100 drinks when she's had none, we know something's cookin (no pun intended).

Back at the club, once we entered the castle walls, there was an awesome crowd yet again with friends ADHD, Angel City Outcasts, and Stevie's long lost twin brother Tom (member of rock legends the Amplifiers.) We drank, ate and were merry as well as brought down the castle walls with the sheer force of our ROCK! After the show we piled our drunk donkey butts in the vansion and headed to Rancho Cucomuga where Tom set us up for the night in his baller pad. The Valkyries conquered his bed, cause that's what we do in a town near you! When we awoke in the late morning, we did the usual (trying to coordinate 11 people to take a shower in the most orderly fashion as possible), packed up, stopped at Vons for mass BBQ supplies and headed toward Long Beach, CA.

red white n brew cookedeats.jpg
Casey was over joyed to find lactose free milk, she tried to offer it to Ginnie, but she was too scared to try it, having enough butt problems as it is. We stopped off at a skate park under the freeway in San Pedro. Who needs chairs when you can just throw down a blanket on the concrete, and who needs a grill when you can fill a bucket with charcoal over a skateboard, who needs plates when you can tear up a half rack box, and who needs a table when you can use a semi tire topped with skateboards? Survival of the fittest my friends, Red, ,White and Brew crew can and will evolve! Giro is the master cook, basting the barbecued chicken with a corn husk while the boys skated and Ginnie waxed eye brows. Yes, all in a parking lot under the freeway we did this. "When the going get's weird, the weird turn pro" Hunter S. Thompson.

Now we are sitting at the historic Alex's bar in Long Beach ( Location of the Vampire bar in the HBO show "True Blood") waiting for the show to get kicking. We will update on tonight's show asap!

Rock on and wear sun screen!

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