The Live at Hidmo Series Continues This Friday

J Pinder.jpg
For the past two weeks, there's been a new concert series taking place in the city's Central District and it's truly worth supporting. Believe it or not, there aren't very many (if any) places in the C.D. where community residents can see live music. Which really is a shame considering that neighborhood's rich musical history. So the owner of Hidmo (Rahwa Habte) and MC Gabriel Teodros recently started a new Friday night weekly called Live at Hidmo that is free to the public and features really talented local artists. Last week, Orbitron, Lyricist Yze, and the Circle of Fire b-boy crew were the featured performers and you can catch footage of them performing after the jump.

The week before that is was Laura "Piece" Kelley kicking off the series in grand fashion. This Friday, they've got young, rising talent J Pinder performing a solo show and it's definitely worth checking out. Pinder's currently being groomed by Vitamin D and Jake One. If he's got local hip-hop giants like that as mentors, you know he's on the road toward doing something really special. Doors for tomorrow night's show are at 8 p.m. the show will probably start around 9 p.m., and it's free.

Live @ Hidmo - Orbitron from Scott Macklin on Vimeo.

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