Terry Radjaw Loses His Beard

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Justin Dylan Renney
The long-awaited Beard-0ff, or Battle of the Beards as I like to call it, finally took place at the Funhouse last night. Terry Radjaw of Mad Rad played Sir Thomas Gray of Champagne Champagne in an epic battle of 1 on 1 basketball that will be remembered for a long time. I haven't seen that many photographers, videographers, and reporters at a random event in ages. With light bulbs flashing, cameras were everywhere and you would have thought real celebrities were playing. And lot's of local music industry insiders were on hand, from Jason Lajeunesse and Kerri Harrop to Jake One and Jonathan Moore. As Radjaw stated to me a couple of weeks ago, "We must have done something right in this city where even our beards are infamous." Unfortunately for the boys of Mad Rad, Radjaw lost! It was a close one though. And it was all in good fun. The place was packed with scenesters, which wasn't surprising, but the Funhouse was the place to be last night for all the hipsters rather than Capitol Hill.

As for the game itself, it was fucking hilarious. The boys did take it serious though and despite being incredibly out of shape (timeouts galore for water breaks included) they played to the best of their ability. Two weeks ago, Gray predicted the final score would be 21-13, but his victory last night was far from a blowout. Hell he was getting blown out at the start 9-2 and things were looking ugly. Local rapper Macklemore was the guest referee. And I didn't even know that was him until the game was over, his disguise was so good. He sort of looked like a cross between Kurt Rambis and My Name is Earl...why I don't know, but it kept the crowd in good spirits. True to his word, Radjaw bodied Gray in the low post for most of the night. His stockiness made up for his height disadvantage and most of the points that Radjaw scored were either jumpers or post up moves. Gray, on the other hand, was by far the scrappier of the two players. Didn't see much finesse to his game but the backboard was his best friend. And he got to keep his beard because of it. Final score, 21-18. After his victory, Gray projectile vomited immediately. More than once. Then regained his composure, grabbed an electric razor and shaved Radjaw right there on the court.

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Justin Dylan Renney

To an extent, it looked humiliating! But to Radjaw's credit, he took it in good stride. And those guys love each other dearly so there are no hard feelings. Considering they charged people $8 to watch them play basketball, sold merch, and had a blast, I'd say nobody lost. Gray's bandmate Pearl saved as much of Radjaw's beard as possible, threw it in plastic bag, and says he's going to try to get it submitted to the EMP. Not sure if they'll be interested, but he promises to try. Check out a full slideshow of the events.

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