Stream New Cave Singers Album Before Next Week's Release

If you've been holding your breath for the past two years while waiting for a new Cave Singers' album, then exhale quickly. Rhapsody is streaming the entire album for free, starting today--even though Matador Records won't officially release the album until August 18, when the band performs in-store at the Queen Anne Easy Street Records.

At first listen, Welcome Joy follows the same mold as The Cave Singers' last album. The second track, "Leap," opens with the same chords as "Helen"--coincidentally the second track on 2007's Invitation Songs. But after a few spins of the record, it's clear that this a more polished album, with clean guitars and harmonies. Welcome Joy was recorded at the Hive in Vancouver, B.C, and features vocals by Ashley and Amber Webber of Lightning Dust. (Amber Webber is also a member of Black Mountain.) And some of that Black Mounain influence shines through: Welcome Joy's third track, "At the Cut," sounds a little like a Rolling Stones song.

After next week's record release, The Cave Singers play at Bumbershoot Sept. 7.

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