Seattle's New Summertime Hip-Hop Group

Calling them a super group would be a stretch, but the newly formed trio of Khingz, Nam, and Gabriel Teodros are three of the most quietly talented MCs in Seattle. About a month ago, they formed a group called the LivinYard and the music that they're making has a real laid-back and groovy feel that's worth checking out. The catch is that they're a summertime group and they only make summertime songs. It's strictly a seasonal project. They're definitely a melting pot of cultures and styles --Khingz is Haitian, Nam is Vietnamese, and Teodros is Ethiopian -- but that multi-cultural aspect is what makes Seattle great.

Even though Khingz recently bailed to Vancouver, he'll be back in Seattle this Friday opening up the mini Rock the Bells concert at the Showbox. While Khingz has a 35 minute set, the LivinYard is going to debut a couple of their new songs during his performance. To get a sneak peek at some of the music you'll here, just go here. As for the reason behind the name LivinYard and the project itself, Teodros just sent me the following via email.

The LivinYard refers to a few summers ago when i lived on Beacon Hill and we used to all kick it and record songs at my house... during the day it would be a lot hotter in the house than it was outside so we would move the couch to the front yard and started calling it "The Living Yard." This summer we wanted to form a group that makes strictly summertime music and put it out for free so the title was fitting...

So there you have it. The Rock the Bells show starts at 8 p.m. this Friday and tickets are $28. Get there early if you want to see the LivinYard.

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