Nectar Lounge Turns Five This Weekend

One of my favorite music venues in Seattle without question is Nectar Lounge in Fremont. While, of course, I'm checking out bands and live music all over the city multiple nights a week, it's hard to deny that I've got a natural affinity for Nectar. They're definitely adventurous and bold in the local, national, and international shows they book which is a good sign. They seem to almost be the low-brow world music alternative to the Triple Door where you can catch great artists from Brazil, Portugal, Jamaica, India, or wherever at a fraction of the price of what the same show would cost across town.

In this economy, that's a blessing and I'm glad that Nectar has lasted this long. To celebrate the mini milestone, they're having two nights of celebrations starting this evening. They've got Altered States of Funk and Eldridge Gravy performing tonight plus live mural art going on outdoors. You can catch all of that for $7 tonight. And tomorrow, just show up and they'll have free pizza and a night of dancing all for free.

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