Wizdom's New Microwave Music Video

Seattle rapper Wizdom shot a music video over the weekend. It's for the title track off of his latest EP, Bring it Back, and has plenty of cool throwback images with rhymes about "GP, Shawn Kemp, and Nate McMillan." for all of the Sonics fans out there. But what's really nifty about the video is that he claims to have recorded the whole thing in less than half an hour. All three verses were done in one take and the editing was finished in an hour.

If all that is true, this is one of the fastest music video jobs in history. After the jump, check out what a music video looks like when it's created at near microwave speed.

(h/t) Blogs is Watching

Bring It Back | Wizdom from directfrommylens on Vimeo.

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