Michael Jackson Was Murdered

Thought you were done with the Michael Jackson saga? Not a chance. It looks like things are about to heat up once again. News out of Los Angeles is reporting that the LA Coroner's Office has just ruled MJ's death a homicide. That's right, the King of Pop appears to have been murdered. You knew there was more to this case that was yet to be revealed so don't even act surprised. Between his cagey personal physician disappearing for two days after Jackson's death and all of the misinformation out there, this was a classic case of: wait for the coroner's report. Well it's back, and apparently, Jackson had lethal amounts of the powerful anaesthetic propofol in his system when he died.

Whether it was an accidental overdose is yet to be determined, but what is known is that Jackson's doctor gave him doses of mild sedatives in various stages intravenously on the morning that he died to combat Jackson's insomnia. After injecting him with valium at 1:30 a.m., lorazepam at 2 a.m., midazolam at 3 a.m. and several other drugs, Murray injected what the coroner is calling a lethal dose of propofol at 10:40 am to help him sleep. Shortly afterward, Jackson was found not breathing. I imagine this is just another turn in a case that we're going to be hearing about for months to come.

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