Lonely Forest headline first night of Doe Bay Fest

lonely forest_1.JPG
Taken with an incredibly old digital camera. That's John van Deusen of The Lonely Forest.
Last night was the first night of Doe Bay Fest, a music festival on Orcas Island. It's only the festival's second year, but the line-up features some big-name (the Lonely Winters and David Bazan play tonight) and some soon-to-be-big-name bands from the Pacific Northwest--like Anacortes' The Lonely Forest, who headlined last night.

Somehow, The Lonely Forest's pop songs make even more sense in an outdoor venue. The band played "Turn Off This Song and Go Outside" and "Are You Afraid of the World?" two songs that seem more poignant against a backdrop of towering trees and pitch black sky. Lead singer John van Deusen--who writes about confusion, angst, and the search for his place in the world--even asked the audience if anyone could see the stars.

In truth, once the sun goes down, it's difficult to see anything at Doe Bay. The festival is held on the grounds of a camping-and-cabin style resort, and there's almost no outside lighting except for the lights on the main stage. There are limits to hearing the music, as well, because there's a noise ordinance in San Juan County that requires relative calm after 10 p.m. (The Lonely Forest started their final song, "We Sing the Body Electric," at 9:57 and exited the stage promptly after finishing.)

But today could be a totally different story: Bands start playing at 12:45, in the daylight--and Saturday is the main day of the festival, so the most anticipated bands will take the stage. Once this tequila hangover wears off, I'll be playing close attention to Weinland, Hey Marseilles, David Bazan, and the Long Winters.

More photos of The Lonely Forest at Doe Bay Fest last night:

tony ruland lonely forest_web.JPG
Tony Ruland of The Lonely Forest at Doe Bay Fest.

eric sturgeon_web.JPG
Eric Sturgeon of The Lonely Forest at Doe Bay Fest

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