Helsing Junction Sleepover 2009 Line-up is K-rific

The Pine Hill Haints, who play this year's Helsing Junction Sleepover
Please, forgive me my bad pun, but seriously: K Records has outdone themselves this year. The Helsing Junction Sleepover festival takes place a mere hour and a half from Seattle, the cost is low and the line-up is excellent (the details are after the jump, but some notables are Kimya Dawson, Mirah, the Pine Hill Haints, Calvin Johnson and Desolation Wilderness). It's $30 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the festival, which includes camping at what is purportedly a lovely little farm in Rochester, WA that's right across from the Chehalis River (so bring your swimsuit...or skinny dip...that's fine too.) It all starts Friday, August 21 and runs through Sunday, August 23.

You should know, though, that there will be no food for sale on the premises (which means bring your own), no pets or firearms are allowed and (gasp!) no alcohol, either. Of course, that rule might just be to deter all the pricks who would get drunk and throw their empties everywhere. From what the beer garden at the KEXP BBQ looked like -- i.e. piles of PBR cans and plastic cups everywhere even though there were recycling bins every five feet -- it's safe to say that hipsters, super-trendy environmentalist posturing notwithstanding, are total motherfucking slobs when given half a chance.

This, on the other hand, will be a crunchy good time that hopefully does not involve stepping on other jerks' discarded PBR cans. Check the full line-up:


Gary May

The Pine Hill Haints

Angelo Spencer


Arrington De Dionyso's: Malaikat dan Singa

late night films curated by Jesse Malmed



Jared Snyder

Alexander's Real Time Band

Knot Pine Box

Inside Voices

Karl Blau


Saturday night:


Joey Casio

Desolation Wilderness


Tender Forever

Jeffrey Jerusalem (DJ Set)


Danny Kelly

Why Must I Be Careful

Calvin Johnson

The Blackberry Bushes


Kimya Dawson

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