Free MP3 -- Grynch Barks at Haters on "Bar Time"

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Anybody that has seen Ballard-raised rapper Grynch in person knows he's one of the nicest MCs you'd ever want to meet. He's always polite at other people's shows and hangs around until the last artist gets off of stage to show his support for others. But every now and again (especially within hip-hop), a dog has to bark.

Grynch was catching some flack a few weeks back from a cornball rapper named Krue, who apparently used to be a fan of Grynch, but now he's not. As far as rap beefs go, it's miniscule and I won't get into the details any further. But Grynch just released a song this week that has the feel of a man snatching down a rebound, flailing his elbows as widely as possible, and demanding some space. He swears it's not directed at anyone in particular and that's it's not a "diss track." Not sure if I believe him totally, but I'm glad that the "King of Ballard" has a nice lyrical uppercut for the haters out there. Check it out below. If you recognize the beat, he's rapping over an instrumental leak of the song "Topless" by Dr. Dre.

Grynch - Bar Time by Jonathan C

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