Explorations Of Points Eastward

Saban Bajramovic
Here's a follow up to my column on eastern rock music and other great sounds I'm tuning into.

Check out 2007's NU-MED from Balkan Beat Box. The sound rings the Mediterranean in contemporary and traditional sounds. The release is on JDUB records - a not-for-profit production company for innovative Jewish music and cross-cultural dialogue.

There's Gogol Bordello's Super Taranta- Gypsy Punk dripping with classic Slavic sardonic sensibilities.

And I have to mention the legendary gypsy crooner Saban Bajramovic. His golden voice has smashed many a drinking glass. Upon hearing Saban, after a swig of strong plum brandy, many a passionate listener will cast their glass to the floor. It's like a reflex!

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