Ben Chasny on Religion and Danzig

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When current Seattle resident and psych-folk troubadour Ben Chasny makes music under Six Organs of Admittance, some of the songs he records can bring about an esoteric feeling in the listener. As if monks, high priests, and shamans were involved in the recording process. One one hand, that's a skill, but maybe there's more to it. Either way, it's not totally surprising that his latest record, Luminous Night, which we recently wrote about, has numerous references to God and a higher power.

While surfing the web, I recently I came across an interesting interview where he sort of talks about that. It sounds like even he was surprised the subject comes up so much.

When I went to type out the lyrics, I noticed the word "God" was in almost all the songs and thought it was weird. But you know, even Danzig believes in a higher force

I heard Chasny put on an otherworldly performance earlier this week at the Crocodile and maybe that's why. You can check out the interview in full over at the Voice.

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