Band of Horses Open for Willie Nelson

In a random pairing of musicians, Band of Horses, which once called Seattle home, are joining together with the legendary Willie Nelson this evening in Maui for a MySpace "secret show." The band, which only a few years ago played at the Vera Project for a small cluster of fans, will be sporting their flannels on the beach in Hawaii. Despite it being a one-off gig, it's still a step up for singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell and his band, who seem to be following in the footsteps of other indie rockers such as the Kings of Leon, who opened for U2 a few years ago and thus earned enhanced attention.

It's not clear if that's what's going to happen here, or if they're all just going to smoke doobies together in Hawaii for a couple of days. But either way, it should be a fun show. And Nelson is celebrating the release of his new album, American Classic, which is in stores as of today.

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