Vic Chesnutt Collaborates With Fugazi's Guy Picciotto


I was first exposed to the work of Vic Chesnutt when I caught him live at the Tractor here nearly ten years ago. He's a fascinating performer who comes across like a wizened and wicked version of Kermit the Frog who happens to be confined to a wheelchair. His songs are disturbing little gems that marinate in Southern folk flavors, but also shoot all over the map in terms of tone and construction, so it makes sense that he has a long history of diverse collaborations with artists like avante jazz icon Bill Frisell, the low-fi popsters in Elf Power, and most recently with former Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto and various members of Montreal's Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

At the Cut will drop on September 22 on Constellation Records and was recorded by former Arcade Fire member Howard Bilerman at Montreal's Hotel2Tango studio. According to the press release, At the Cut is "[reflective of] the broad stylistic range of contributors on the album..from classic Vic Chesnutt solo acoustic tracks to the sweeping walls of noise and snarling, angular guitars trademarked by his many collaborators." Constellation Records is known for it's gorgeous, meticulously assembled packaging; in this case, it will be made up of original and found photography by filmmaker Jem Cohen, who has done documentary work on both Chesnutt and Fugazi. These aren't artists I'd have necessarily have guessed would cross paths, but I'm glad they have and I can't wait to hear the results.

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