This Week: Entertain Yourself and the Kids with Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey
If the kids are driving you crazy (or the neighbor's kids are driving you crazy) a Recess Monkey performance is the perfect place to let them dance and sing till they fall over. Recess Monkey is a group of three elementary school teachers who have creatively spun lyrics about marshmallows, pet rocks, bubbles and s - l - double e - p - overs. While they are kid oriented, their up-beat tempos, clever rhymes and folk-pop feel are sure to entertain chaperons as well.

Recess Monkey is in the middle of their "Bon Voyage Seattle" week before this talented threesome embarks on their East Coast tour. Catch them as they kick off Kirkland's Performing Arts Summer Concert Series tomorrow at 10 a.m. They will also be performing Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at the Silver Lake playground as a part of Everett's Music in the Parks Children Series.

Follow this link to hear some of Recess Monkey's latest hits.

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