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Local hip-hop group, the Physics , who I've blogged about before , were handing out copies of their newest EP, High Society , this past


The Physics+Jack Wilkins+A Tribe Called Quest

The Physics.jpg
Local hip-hop group, the Physics, who I've blogged about before, were handing out copies of their newest EP, High Society, this past weekend. A lot of folks that I've talked to since then are fawning all over the project and chatting about how impressive it is. All eight tracks (including the intro) are draped in that old-school hip-hop feel -- think '95, '98, and 2003.

One of the songs on the album, "The Session," really reminds me a lot of A Tribe Called Quest's "Sucka Nigga" from the Midnight Mauraders album. So much so that it sent me on a journey trying to find out who sampled what first. The first step was learning about the samples on Midnight Mauraders, which lead me to this site. If you're a Tribe fan, I highly recommend it. The initial bass line on "Sucka Nigga" is a sample from a Jack Wilkins cover of "Red Clay." Even though Freddie Hubbard wrote "Red Clay" first, Tribe sampled the Wilkins version instead. Check out the Physics song below.

If you listen to the first three second sample on that song, it sounds a hell of a lot like this Jack Wilkins cut below. Ignore the first six seconds of the video (friggin YouTube) and focus on the bass. Vibe out a little bit too -- it's a real nice track. After the jump, check out the Tribe Called Quest classic, "Sucka Nigga," and let me know if my inner music nerd has gone too far, or if all three of these songs aren't connected.

Alright, now go back and play the Physics track. Does anyone else hear that?

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