Rye Rye Bangs In More Than One Way

Rye Rye looking fly fly
I just stumbled across Rye Rye's new video "Bang" featuring M.I.A. and it's genius. I think what made me want to watch it on repeat is the raw energy Rye Rye captures. Unlike a lot of music videos that portray a fantastical and glamorous lifestyle, Rye Rye injects edginess and grit that embody a real life feel. The simple neon animation pops. Her jacket is a-mazing (I want one!). The various dance clips have new moves and real people. Rye Rye's dance moves alone make me jealous. It's the first time I've watched a music video and actually had an insatiable urge to go break it down in a club.

Watching "Bang" has made me even more upset that I was unable to make her June appearance at Neumos. Unfortunately it doesn't look like she will be coming back to Seattle any time soon because Rye Rye, M.I.A.'s protege child, is having a child of her own. Rye Rye announced that her reason for leaving the A-Trak tour (she was supposed to perform at Chop Suey earlier in July) is because she is pregnant. For those of you awaiting Rye Rye's return check out her newest, freshest video here.

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