Mr. Lif and Onry Ozzborn Should Bust a Duet

As my colleague Hollis Wong-Wear recently informed you, Rendezvous, home of Candidt's local hip-hop showcase "The Corner," is the spot this balmy summer evening for quality rhyme-spitting. Boston-born underground MC Mr. Lif headlines a show featuring another subterranean champ, Onry Ozzborn of The Gigantics, and local badasses Fresh Espresso. If I didn't have to attend a 9 p.m. screening of The Orphan, I'd show at the appointed hour, 9 p.m., instead of wandering in late, reeking of booze and failure, as the small room will doubtlessly sell out.

Still, the prospect of watching Vera Farmiga--whose high cheekbones I haven't seen on the big screen since The Departed--trying to parent an evil child is so appealing that I would skip out on almost anything for it, even if I wasn't getting paid. Well, except for maybe Glenn Beck's show, which really winds my cuckoo clock. Nevertheless, I'll be hoping Ozzborn does a live rendition of "Shut Up," a joint off his amazing Die Already disc that features Mr. Lif. It's a dope battle track punctuated by liberal scratching and b-boy shout-outs. I think it would crack the Rendezvous's walls.

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