Local Band Bacchus Call It Quits


Break-ups are always a drag, but it's a particular brand of sadness when you hear about a band that never fully got its due calling it a day. Bacchus, a fantastically heavy local metal trio whose influences range adventurously from Blue Cheer and Kyuss, to Hüsker Dü and Parliament, are unplugging their amps after a final show at McCoy's Tavern in Olympia this Friday. Along with contributing their particular brand elephantine awesomeness to the local scene, bassist Sean McCoy runs RxEVOLUTION Records, a hard-working, little local label that put out a lot of great vinyl splits and compilations featuring like-minded artists such as Lozen and the Valley.

I've given the band a lot of love on the airwaves and in print over the years, but they never quite seemed to build the following they deserved. I've got an email into the band to find out what the back story might be, but regardless of the reason, I say, BOOO!!! R.I.P., dear Bacchus.

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