Lindsay Lohan's Obsession Hits Chop Suey Tomorrow

British electropop duo La Roux (Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) haven't yet released their self-titled debut album in the United States, but they've been getting airtime on dance radio stations like Seattle's C89.5. They've also gotten love via trainwreck Lindsay Lohan's Twitter page.

Lohan obviously isn't known for her good judgment, but she is right about La Roux. The band's funky singles "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof" are throwbacks to music by '80s synth acts like Yazoo and Heaven 17. Awesome. Plus, lead vocalist Jackson rocks a fierce androgynous fashion sense that totally trumps that of Lohan's on again-off again lover Sam Ronson.

You can check La Roux out on Tuesday. They'll be playing an all-ages show ($10) at Chop Suey at 8 p.m.

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