James Howard Kunstler: Michael Jackson equals "poseur."

As the cable news media feasts on Michael Jackson's corpse like grindhouse zombies, I thought it worth drawing your attention to cultural critic, Peak Oil high priest, and novelist James Howard Kunstler's devastating critique of the man and the nation that worshiped and shunned him, often on the same day. (Like today.) Kunstler uses a meat-cleaver during his autopsy of MJ, revealing the atrophied muscles and arthritic bones of an America on the wane:

"He was a poseur, vamping in weird military outfits as though he were a five-star general in the Honduran army, or a character from a melodrama by the reprobate Jean Genet. He once materialized during halftime at the Superbowl in a shower of sparks, thrilling the multitudes while grabbing and stroking his sex organs, as though that was a heroic activity -- and indeed the nation seemed to emulate him as its culture became dedicated more and more to acting out masturbation fantasies. America was a fat man jerking off on the sofa watching a vampire of no particular sex vogue deliriously on the boob tube."

Like I said: devastating.

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