I Was the Guy Eating All the Donuts at the Barsuk Party Yesterday

The view from Barsuk's new neighborhood.
Until yesterday, I can't remember the last time I'd tasted a fresh Top Pot. But at the Barsuk Records open house, I think I've tried 'em all. What a beautiful spread.

Other than donuts, Aqueduct's David Terry and I shared a moment figuring out the hot dog buns on the front porch; Long Winters patriarch/SW columnist emeritus John Roderick held court in an office chair, hopefully making more progress on his new record than recovering his "lost" tooth; and I got my figures through the curls of a beautiful gray pooch -- belonging to Sasquatch founder Adam Zacks -- before it realized it decided it was really time to move on. I haven't seen so much plaid in one room in years.

The old Barsuk space in a light industrial park in Georgetown had low ceilings and a car seat in the lobby. Their new digs in Queen Anne have exposed beams, plenty of natural light, and are right around the corner from Via Tribunali, Top Pot, and Trader Joe's. Insert your "Barsuk is all grown up!" platitude HERE.

Publicist Ever Kipp, who lives "literally in the back yard" of the new Barsuk space with his wife and darling one-year-old daughter, gave me a tour along with Matt Sullivan and Kate Peterson of Light in the Attic. Peterson couldn't help but mention that you could fit several dozen Light in the Attics in the new Barsuk space. And Kipp couldn't contain his excitement when introducing us to the newest member of the Barsuk team: their first conference room.

Sullivan, fresh off a brief stint as tour managing for the legendary Rodriguez between Vancouver and Southern California. The two of them received the news of Michael Jackson's death while they were on the road, Sullivan said, which almost resulted in a Rodriquez rendition of Billie Jean. Be sure to remind him of that next time he plays the Triple Door.

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