The Gossip song "Heavy Cross" is iTunes' Free Single This Week

Portland based, Gossip
Portland soul punk band, the Gossip, has a free track, "Heavy Cross," on iTunes this week. I have only collected the weekly download three times before. Once it was Tyler Hilton's "When It Comes," one time I thought the artist name, Boaz, was funny (don't remember much about the song) and the other time it was an accident. But this time I had a legitimate reason to download the freebie. It's actually good.

Some Gossip tunes leave me waiting for more and not in a good way. Mainly this is because their songs can't decide whether they're punk rock dance party jams or soulful ballads. "Heavy Cross," however, gives you the dance hook right away. By varying the tempo in an engaging way, the band keeps the energy flowing throughout the duration of the song. The long and short is, it makes my list and that is unusual. There's no replicating the Gossip's live energy on an mp3, though. To get the full effect, catch them at the Capitol Hill Block Party this Saturday.

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