Ear Candy Announces The (F)UnOfficial Bumbershoot Kick Off Party

ear candy bumbershoot flyer.jpg
Our buddy Travis Hay, who is probably the hardest working music blogger in Wenatchee, just announced a Bumbershoot Kick-Off Party that he's hosting on behalf of his Ear Candy blog.

It's taking place September 4 at the High Dive (an appropriate choice) with Grynch, Born Anchors, the Redwood Plan, and a somewhat new mystery project called Victor Shade which features Ra Scion and MTK. I don't totally know what to expect out of Victor Shade, but I trust it will be good. And I definitely like mixed genre line-ups. So if you're the type that likes to plan ahead, you've now got some Bumbershoot pre-partying to look forward to as this should make for a good night of music.

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