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Cahn Solo

Every Thursday at 1 p.m., SW writer Hollis Wong-Wear conducts interviews with important figures in the local music scene via our Twitter page. Today is Friday, but you know what, it's been a hectic week. And Hollis just graduated from Seattle U (what what!!) so we're a day behind schedule.

But I'm willing to bet that this will all be worth the wait. She's twitterviewing local hip-hop artist Khingz, whose sophomore album, From Slaveships to Spaceships, actually comes out to day. That's so appropriate for Juneteenth and really just signifies wear his head is as a conscious MC. He'll be talking about producers that he worked with on the album, why he's moving to Vancouver in a month or so, and whatever else he wants to get off his chest.

To check out the twitterview today at 2:30, follow @khingz and @swreverb. And don't forget that Khingz' album release party is tomorrow night at Chop Suey.

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