We're About to Twitterview Daniel Pak from Kore Ionz

In about ten minutes, I'll be twitterviewing Daniel Pak, the frontman for the hometown reggae group Kore Ionz. I'll be asking him about their recent show at a juvenile detention center, their upcoming feature at this summer's Bumbershoot, and how the group weaves together disparate cultures and sounds to create their groove-tastic tunes.

I do these newfangled twitterviews every Thursday at 1 PM, and it's real simple: if you have a Twitter account, follow @swreverb and @koreionz, and you can see the conversation happen real-time. Another sorely underutilized aspect of following the interview is that you can comment on what's being said, and we might even respond! Just make sure to reply to us using the @ symbol, and it'll come up on our feed. And if you don't have a Twitter account... I mean, what's going on? I can talk you through it. I'm here to help.

Follow the twitterview, and look out for more blog posts from me. I'm locked in! (@iamdiddy).

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