Pigs Peace Sanctuary Benefit Show This Friday

Aside from writing pretty songs, Andy Werth is also a committed animal-rights supporter (and, like myself, foe of meat), and he's playing a show at Easy Street Records in West Seattle with some of his friends (like Graig Markel of Animals at Night) to benefit Pigs Peace Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that provides a haven for abused and neglected animals. It began with pigs-- pot-bellied as well as full-sized-- but the place is now home to all sorts of critters, from llamas to dogs to sheep to turkeys.

It's going to be a good show, with lots of vegan and vegetarian treats. All proceeds benefit Pigs Peace Sanctuary, and if you want to read some cute animal stories, visit their website. Why pigs, you ask? Because pigs are smart and personable, and no sentient creature-- whether they're pigs, dogs, cows or chickens-- deserve the horrible treatment they often receive while imprisoned in corporate factory farms or at the hands of abusive, neglectful owners. Plus, who can resist those sweet little piglet faces?! It looks like one of them is smiling. Adorable. Anyway, the show starts at 9:30 p.m., and you should come eat some delicious, animal product-free food and listen to some good music. Daisy and Tony, the cute little guys pictured above, say thank you in advance.

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