With a name like " Chickenfoot " I wasn't sure what to expect from this new supergroup made up of world-renowned guitar god Joe Satriani,


Chickenfoot's Debut Album Released Today

With a name like "Chickenfoot" I wasn't sure what to expect from this new supergroup made up of world-renowned guitar god Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith and ex- Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar and bassist Micheal Anthony.

Do you take the name "Chickenfoot" seriously? The album art does have a distressed look and the "K" is reversed. But at the same time the cover is heat-sensitive and reminiscent of a mood ring. (When touched the black surface become opaque, revealing an image beneath.) Still pretty badass, but definitely fun-loving at the same time.

Which is exactly what their self-titled debut album (it dropped today) conveys. Some might want more serious rock riffs from these four rock legends but Chickenfoot keeps it a bit lighter. The opening lines of "Sexy LIttle Thing" made me want to dance around my room with a hair brush microphone while imagining slightly younger, slightly studlier men singing to me. Despite their age these rockers still pulled me in with hit "Oh Yeah" when Hagar sings "Hey I just want to be your Hootchie cotchie man/To get you in and out of my head."

But have no fear, the whole album isn't all slightly cheesy lyrics balanced with some killer guitar solos. Some songs like "Avenida Revolucion" have more serious undertones, "from here there ain't no turning back/crossing the borderline/into the fire," which deals with thoughts on illegal immigration.

Ultimately, no, Chickenfoot is not better than Led Zeppelin (like Hagar tried to say in an interview) but they sure have created quite the buzz. The chemistry these dudes created while first jamming at Hagar's club, Cabo Wabo Cantina, in Cabos San Lucas is evident. While they are still hardcore rockers Chickenfoot clearly doesn't take themselves too seriously and their debut album doesn't want you too either (see the ChickenMash montage below, which features clips from "Avenida Revolucion," "Soap On A Rope," "Sexy Little Thing," "Oh Yeah," and "Get It Up"). So pop this bad boy in the 6-CD changer, roll down the windows, pump the volume and cruise to this perfect summer rock album.

Unfortunately if you are just now discovering Chickenfoot, they already visited Seattle during their "Road Test" tour of nine cities and are now embarking on their Summer Tour of Europe and North America. We can hope that they return someday.

But if you are itching to get your Chickenfoot fast and cheap? (that sounds wrong) From now until June 8th is offering a sweet deal on a digital download of Chickenfoot for only $3.99 from the Amazon MP3 Downloads store. And or watch for free on your telly tonight as they perform "Oh Yeah" live on the new Conan O'Brien hosted Tonight Show.

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