New Column: Reactions to Ashley Graham Press Releases

By night, Ashley Graham is one of the most virtuous participants in the Seattle scene, running a small side business that promotes worthy local musicians. But in order to make ends meet, Graham leads a double life, working for music-industry behemoth Live Nation. Here, she sends out press releases promoting the upcoming local appearances of mega-bands, many of them awful.

Take today for instance: Graham sent out a press release announcing that Blink 182 would be playing Endfest on Sept. 10 at White River, a Live Nation venue universally derided as the biggest vehicular clusterfuck in town. My immediate reply to Graham, with whom I'm friendly: "I'd rather dip my ballsack into an ocean of hungry crabs than listen to Blink 182."

Hence, the birth of a Reverb column entitled "Reactions to Ashley Graham Press Releases." Whenever she sends out a press release (or whenever we feel like it, anyway), an immediate reaction will be posted, along with key details about the contents of said press release. The inaugural reaction can be found a couple sentences up. Enjoy!

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