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Portland powerhouse Quasi (the Jicks, ex-Sleater-Kinney, etc) plays the Vera Project tonight with Nurses at 7:30 p.m. , for $10 . It is, as


Live Music Roundup: Thursday, June 25

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Portland powerhouse Quasi (the Jicks, ex-Sleater-Kinney, etc) plays the Vera Project tonight with Nurses at 7:30 p.m., for $10. It is, as always, all ages.

Deer Tick, Dawes, Widower at Tractor Tavern, 9 p.m. $10

John McCauley was born in the wrong decade. From his clear affection for American rock icons of the late '50's and early '60's, to his penchant for Dylanesque folk mumblings and mouth-harp blasts, it's clear that Deer Tick takes its cues from a generation considerably removed from its own. McCauley is not alone in that; this generation of performers is particularly fond of nostalgia. Somehow, though, McCauley seems to fit into his idealized ideology better than most. His new album, Born on Flag Day, is proof positive that he has a firm command of the language, and even shows the band merging its love of the past with more contemporary soundscapes. The feedback laced folk-rock of album opener "Easy", redolent with pop-classic chord changes, could have sprung from the grooves of a seven-inch circa 1959, and yet it also bears the hallmarks of late '90s indie rock. Elsewhere, as on "Smith Hill" and "Straight Into a Storm" (half Nebraska, half "Chantilly Lace"), McCauley wears his inner rockabilly troubador on his sleeve. Regardless of which edition of Deer Tick you prefer - 1959 or 2009 - this new batch of songs is sure to delight. NICHOLAS HALL

Major Lazer, DJ Ayres, Tigerbeat at Neumos, 8 p.m., $18

When Phili's Diplo and London's Switch get together, they don't form like Voltron a la Wu Tang Clan; rather, they become an ass-kicking, one-armed, crime-fighting Rasta cartoon action hero decked out in mirrored shades and armed with a cannon that fires frickin' laser beams. It's a loose, playful concept for the two dance producers, sure. But if you're gonna call yourself Major Lazer, you might as well have a cool mascot. Their debut disc, Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do!, is a mash-up of dancehall, reggaeton and hip-hop spiked with techno and smeared with digitized SFX. Single "Hold the Line," featuring Santigold and Mr. Lex, rides a surf-boogie guitar into periodic bursts of random cell phone rings and other noises. And "Anything Goes," featuring Turbulence, gives a full-frontal assault of Auto-Tuned vocals and epic violins punctured by, but of course, laser squirts. It's conceptual in the best possible sense. Or, as Major Lazer likes to say, "mad decent." KEVIN CAPP

REIK at El Corazon, 7 p.m. $30, all ages

In the late '90s, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin made it clear that there's nothing hotter than a sexy Latino dude crooning in Spanish. Now, the Baja, California natives of Reik have only contributed to the Latino heartthrob image with their good looks and a Latin Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist." Front man Jesus Alberto Navarro Rosas and back up vocalist Julio Ramirez Eguia will melt you with their silky smooth voices and delicious pop riffs that make me wish they were serenading me right now. After six years of releasing multiple Mexican chart toppers, these guys are due for a US breakthrough. Watch out for panty-dropper "Ahora Sin Ti" and more upbeat, but equally sexy, "Illusionado." Following the last juicy twang of Gilberto Marin's guitar, these fellas are sure to have ladies (and a few men) stalking them all the way back to Seatac. Caliente. MALIA MAKOWICKI

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