Jens Lekman plays his second show of a pair at the Crocodile tonight.

Andy Werth 's Pigs for Peace benefit happens at Easy Street Records


Live Music Roundup: Friday, June 5

Jens Lekman plays his second show of a pair at the Crocodile tonight.

Andy Werth's Pigs for Peace benefit happens at Easy Street Records in West Seattle tonight, where there will be lots of scrumptious animal-free snacks and Andy Werth backed up by a big-ass band of friends. That starts at 9:30 p.m.

Hopewell (pictured), Voyager One, Drug Purse, This Blinding Light at Comet Tavern, 9 p.m., $8

Like an artist dipping his brush into various colors and making delicate strokes with each, Hopewell leader and Mercury Rev alum Jason Russo is somehow able to draw from space rock, art rock, psychedelia, heavy rock, etc. without sounding quite like any of those things. At times, Russo weds melody with heaviness so seamlessly that one wonders why anyone ever bothered to make emo when they could have done something like this instead. Even if someone had, however, Russo's work would stand out. Like so many before him (and so many of his contemporaries today), Russo attempts to synthesize existing forms, but his subtle touch and distinct approach qualifies him as a true visionary. Hopewell albums are filled with nuance, and as such they reveal their treasures over time even as the reference points may be somewhat apparent right off the bat. Majestic harmonies, finely crafted production, and songs that swerve gracefully from style to style are just a few of the methods this band uses to guarantee satisfaction and freshness over repeated listens. SABY REYES-KULKARNI

Patrick Wolf, Living Things, Plastiscines, Jaguar Love at El Corazon, 7 p.m., $15, all ages

Even with all of his flamboyance, charisma, ability, and sexual ambiguity, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is Dave Matthews-bland compared to outrageous - and outrageously talented -- 25-year-old British singer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wolf. A part-time model, full-time musician, and 24/7 glam-goth provocateur, Wolf's aiming to usurp vintage Bowie and Madonna as the ultimate pansexual pop chameleon. Armed with a never-ending supply of hair dye and makeup, and a wardrobe stuffed with feathers, leather, cloaks, capes, glitter, sequins, and more, his look changes nearly every time he steps in front of a camera or out on a stage. Proficient on violin, viola, ukulele, theremin, guitar, all sorts of electronic gizmos, and more, Wolf romps through a multitude of musical styles, from baroque chamber-pop to industrial-tinged electro to traditional acoustic-folk to old-school Depeche mode S&M synth-pop. Already massive in the U.K., it's hard to say whether or not he'll become an American idol, too - you'll be able to vote yea or nay tonight. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

Cephalic Carnage, Mayhem, Marduk, Cattle Decapitation, Ceremonial Castings, Withered, Inquinok at Studio Seven, 5:30 p.m., $28, all ages

Easily one of the most tripped-out acts in the history of grindcore, Cephalic Carnage taps the terrifying depths of real-life conspiracies and unexplained supernatural phenomena with a suitably mind-warping approach. The bandmembers' avid enthusiasm for the high-grade weed that proliferates in their native Rocky Mountain region shows in both the rigorous technicality of the music and the underlying paranoia that fuels frontman Lenzig's lyrics. On the other hand, few -- if any -- bands could make subjects such as government experiments on civilians and getting sexually assualted by a ghost sound like fun, but that's exactly what Cephalic Carnage manages to do, strangely enough. And, where so many grind acts turn their music into a flat, droning blur onstage, Cephalic's unbridled enthusiasm, kick-ass musicianship, and laugh-out-loud goofiness ensures a live show with an intensity matched only by the likes of the Dillinger Escape Plan. Infamous black metalers Mayhem are also on the bill, so it'll be interesting to see if Cephalic performs its hilarious black metal parody number in full costume. Keep your fingers crossed... SABY REYES-KULKARNI

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