Last Night: Hey Monday and This Providence at El Corazon

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Seattle-based This Providence
The crowd at El Corazon last night was more Hey Monday "I don't want to finish my algebra homework," than Hey Monday "I don't want to finish these expense reports." Thus ensued a mostly awkward night in which myself and companion found ourselves in a sea of 5 foot-nothing tweens wearing skort miniskirts and too-tight graphic tees. We were easily the oldest by five years (not counting the parental sightings).

Unfortunately, Hey Monday didn't live up to the cheesy teen goodness I was hoping for. After listening to the tracks on Hey Monday's MySpace page I'll admit I was intrigued. Not only did they have the only girl band member on the tour (which gave them feminist points in my book) but they had such classically high-school lyrics I felt like I was happily right back in the 10th grade.

However, the live performance of Hey Monday came across rather flat. While I appreciated lead singer Cassadee Pope's versatility with her vocals and acoustic and electric guitar, I became confused when she started handing out red cups to the audience and inviting a toast to partying. Pretty sure she's not 21 yet either. Not to mention the sound system was mixed too loud and left me with a pounding headache and no recognition of any of their lyrics.

Just as I was ready to write off the whole tour as a kitschy teen rock fest, This Providence took the stage. "Seattle fans are the best fans...It's good to be home," proclaimed lead singer, Daniel Young. It may have been because they were the hometown boys, but This Providence forced me to stop counting the minutes (and the parents) and plunged me into the moment. Their set boasted a variety of tempos, from fast paced "Letdown" to the slower "My Beautiful Rescue (Renovated)" which helped invigorate the energy of the crowd (one can only head bob for so long).

After deciding to do an improvised performance of fan favorite "Truth and Reconciliation" they invited an over-eager fan on stage to belt the lyrics to the second vocalist part. This Providence's performance left me wondering why they weren't headlining the MySpace Music Let's Make A Mess Tour as I will definitely be downloading their new album "Who Are You Now?"

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