I've Been Listening to Kate Nash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, & MGMT


I've Been Listening to Kate Nash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, & MGMT

  • I've Been Listening to Kate Nash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, & MGMT

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    Kate Nash; Made of Bricks: I was introduced to Nash by the editor at my first post-college job. "You have to listen to this song," he said. "It reminds me you." He played for me "Foundations," an infectious pop gem about a girl in a futile relationship. I wasn't pleased with his assessment of my life, but I liked the song. Nash's 2007 album--recorded when she was only 20--contains anecdotes on breakups, unrequited love, and, as she puts it, "dickheads." Her neurotic ramblings are made all the more charming by her cute British accent.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs; It's Blitz!: I'm obsessed with the New York hailing art rock trio's new album. (To be fair, I'm obsessed with anything that half Korean-half Polish goddess Karen O. touches.) It's artsy punk-rock at its finest, infused with unlikely genres like disco and even Celtic. So far, my favorite tracks are the ethereal love song "Skeleton" and the party anthem "Heads Will Roll." The latter features the sexy frontwoman repeatedly shouting, "Off with your head! Dance 'til your dead!" Fitting words for a band that drives crowds wild.

    MGMT; Oracular Spectacular: I'm on a major MGMT kick these days. I recently bought the vinyl copy of their album and changed my cell phone's ring tone to the funky come-hither song "Electric Feel." The Brooklyn hailing duo's brand of psychedelic electro-pop is full of wacky beats and teasing lyrics like, "I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars/ You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars." Oracular Spectacular sounds like it was made by a couple of David Bowie wannabes in their college dorm room while they were tripping on acid--and I mean that in a good way.
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