If You Can't Make it to Egan's This Saturday, Horvitz and Friends Will Be Back Next Saturday Too

On Wednesday I mentioned a couple excellent jazz shows coming up this Saturday. Turns out you'll get a second shot at the second act: Wayne Horvitz's Sonny Clark Tribute band will be playing Egan's next Saturday night, the 20th, as well. In addition to veteran Seattle hornsmen Steve Moore and Craig Flory, the band includes Zubin Hensler, a recent Garfield grad now studying at the Manhattan School of Music.

UPDATE! Seely reminds me in the comment below that Kevin Eubanks is also playing this weekend at Jazz Alley. And contrary to the somewhat disrespectful tone that Seely adopts, as if Eubanks were the equivalent of a casino act, Eubanks was taken dead seriously in the improvised-music world well before he turned into Jay Leno's painfully ill-at-ease straight man. He's in town with a pair of great players from his days on ECM and other non-Tonight Show-compatible record labels: drummer Marvin Smitty Smith and saxophonist Bill Pierce.


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