Buffalo Madonna and DJ Darwin Speak Out on Being Found Not Guilty

Kyle Johnson
Yesterday, a jury found local DJ, Ty Finnan, better known as DJ Darwin of the group Mad Rad, not guilty of gross misdemeanor assault stemming from a much publicized fight at Neumos on January 12th, 2009. I spoke with Terry Radjaw about the situation yesterday and he was excited to know that at least one of his group members has been found not guilty, but was hesitant to comment on record because Buffalo Madonna, who was also being charged with the same crime hadn't been cleared of any wrong doing yet.

As of today, the whole group, who I recently wrote a cover story on, has a reason to celebrate. Madonna was also found not guilty of gross misdemeanor assault this morning. "Not guilty, y'all got to feel me," Finnan said just a few minutes ago by phone. "I never knew what that [Jay-Z] really meant until now. I'm so glad this is all behind us. Talking about wasting tax payers money. Yesterday they had the bailiff, the judge, two public defenders, the city prosecutor, and three county clerks in there working on us. Plus all the other times we had to go to court, the paperwork that was filed...man they probably spent nearly 10 grand on us. That's ridiculous."

When I caught up with Madonna (real name Nate Quiroga) via phone, he was understandably in good spirits. "I feel like a million bucks man. I just got a bottle of champagne, I'm fucking celebrating! Not guilty. I'm feeling triumphant right now."

Expect much of that enthusiasm to carry over into Mad Rad's show tomorrow night at Nectar where they perform with Spaceman and Neema.

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