War Room 4 Year Anniversary Party Tonight

One of the first places I ever hung out at after moving to Seattle was the War Room. I can remember like it was yesterday (hell, it practically was) walking into War Room on my first Saturday night in town and saying to myself, "damnnnn there's a lot of Asian people here!" I didn't know what Yo Son! was or anything about Ring the Alarm or reggae on Thursday nights with DJ Soul One, but all of the above have become staples in my partying experience.

No offense to anyone but War Room is my favorite club in Seattle by a mile. I look forward to having a new favorite in the near future, but at the moment, as far as dancing and wildin' out goes, I'll take the War Room most nights of the week. If you feel the same way, show up to their 4 year anniversary party happening tonight. They've got Cosmo Baker spinning plus Four Color Zack and an art opening for a new Shepard Fairey, and lot's of giveaways. Check it out.

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